Some photos from around Battambang (BTB) over the weekend. Thushan gave his first XML presentation to the locals with occasional interpreting help from Hemy. He was a fantastic teacher. The office full of super-smarties were asking all the right questions and really took the lesson to the next level, it was great. After that, we had some free time before taking more website photos, so we checked out the “Bamboo Train” (unfortunately we didn’t see the actual train, just the scary bridge tracks*).

Before we headed out on Monday, the BTB team made us lunch - yum. The beef, potato and carrot dish brought me right back to my grandma’s house in the woods at summertime dinnertime circa 1987 … very surreal.

* Special mom FYI: Thushan is not standing over a gap in the bridge. We were right in the middle and there was sturdy metal platform underneath him … I promise!

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  1. It is always smart policy to stick into generations long family business! - teaching!


    Comment by Dula Amarasiriwardena — March 27, 2009 @ 11:07 PM

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